Policies, Protocols & School Plans

A guide by the Presidents' Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration for colleges and universities to prepare for ICE raids at their institutions.
This FAQ provides critical information for higher ed administration and staff on protocol for responding to ICE inspections and raids in a manner that protects the rights of employees, students, and the university/institution.
This FAQ details the process of establishing fellowships and grants available to all students, regardless of immigration status, at higher education institutions.
This FAQ provides information on Employment Authorization Documents and I-9s that enable non-citizen students, including those with DACA and F1 visas, to work.
This FAQ provides an overview of differences in enrollment procedure for "international students" and undocumented students, and ways for administrators to be sensitive to undocumented student's needs.
This FAQ explains the March 5th "deadline" and its impact on the DACA program. It includes information for DACA recipient students as well as universities on actions they may take.
This toolkit highlights resources and best practices available to California educators in order to create safe and welcoming schools for all students, including immigrants and refugees. It includes an overview of student rights, suggested school district policies, classroom supporting materials and more.
This webpage hosts multiple resources for educators on methods (including school policies and lesson plans) to make classrooms and campuses more welcoming for immigrant and refugee students.
This website was created by Immigrants Rising to consolidate resources aimed at empowering undocumented young people to achieve educational and career goals.
A website created by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to provide information on school plans, resources for teachers on supporting immigrant students and families, and DACA for teachers.
This online resource includes a list of resources that school districts in California and other states can use to better serve all students, regardless of immigration status.
This resource presents examples of approaches educational institutions and non-profit organizations are taking across diverse regions and contexts to address immediate concerns; respond to emerging needs; and provide a supportive space in which families feel supported and students can thrive socially, emotionally, and academically.
Arriving in a new country can be an overwhelming experience for refugees, especially those who may not yet know the language or how to navigate community systems. This toolkit offers schools and after school learning centers an easily accessible way to promote a welcoming school.
A sample school district resolution from Los Angeles Unified School District regarding schools as safe spaces and bolstering support for immigrant students and families.
A sample letter from Arlington County for. This letter is a good example for school districts and/or schools on immigrant access to public education.
A resolution in support of immigrant students and their families, in English, Spanish, Arabic, or Vietnamese.
A pamphlet with an overview of the rights and services of immigrant students in Broward County Public Schools.
A compilation of resources from Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, including factsheets, reports, guides, templates, and multimedia about safe and sanctuary schools.
A letter from Myong Leigh, SFUSD Interim Superintendent, and Edwin Lee, San Francisco Mayor, responding to students and families after the election with answers to questions regarding the immigration status of students and families.
A master model petition for members of colleges and universities seeking to make their campuses sanctuary campuses.
A resolution from the San Francisco Board of Education from 2009 condemning the practice of city or county employees reporting undocumented students to ICE and supporting an ordinance restoring due process rights to undocumented youth in the juvenile justice system.
A statement by the San Francisco Unified School District regarding its sanctuary status and policies regarding ICE raids.
A letter by Columbia Provost John Coatsworth regarding the university's intent to not cooperate with immigration enforcement, to protect student information, to expand financial aid in the event of DACA reversal, and to offer support services for undocumented students.
An open letter written by members of the College for All Coalition urging California educational leaders to take specific actions to ensure safe, inclusive, and equitable educational environments across the state.
A statement from the California Faculty Association, a union representing educators in the CSU system, regarding protecting and defending undocumented students, employees, and families and actions to be taken in the event of DACA reversal.
A statement by Steve Zimmer, L.A. Unified Board President, denouncing President Trump's executive order on immigration and affirming L.A. schools as a safe zone for children and their families and L.A. Unified's intention to not cooperate with immigration enforcement.
A list of colleges and universities across the country with sanctuary campus petitions and status updates regarding what specific actions the campuses have taken.
A model campus safe zones resolution for individual colleges/universities or college/university systems considering the adopting protections for immigrant students.
A toolkit from United We Dream's National Coming Out Day, a campaign to unite undocumented students, educators, and institutions to work together to increases resources for undocumented. The toolkit includes practices and policies for making education more accessible to undocumented students.
A toolkit from United We Dream which covers how educators and schools can make their school environments safe and welcoming for undocumented students, create sanctuary schools, and support local campaigns for sanctuary cities with multiple resources.
A guide from the U.S. Department of Education on how to support undocumented students in high school and college which includes legal guidelines, explanations of policies, tips for educators, models from the field, and resources.
An Undocucollege guide about the accessibility of higher education for undocumented students in California, including information regarding challenges, institutional models for success, and an equity tool to help schools assess the level of support they already provide to undocumented students.
A guide from Teaching Tolerance for educators and educational support staff which includes facts about undocumented students, FAQs about immigration raids, and actions schools can take to support immigrant and refugee children.
An article illuminating the challenges encountered by undocumented Latino students and introducing an ecological model that promotes social action within a K-16 system.
A guide from the National Immigration Law Center for educators and educational support staff with facts about undocumented students, FAQs about immigration raids, tools to support students and families, know your rights information, and other resources.
A report by Stanford Law School and the California Charter Schools Association with information about providing education to and protecting undocumented students with specific policies and practices.
The text of California State Senate Bill SB 54, which would prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies from using any resources to help immigration enforcement.
A preliminary report on the ability of local communities to decide, based on their own form of local government, how they may enact policies to protect immigrant rights. The report is intended to provide advocates with basic information about available options to effectively address the very real safety and security…
A continuously updated web page from Immigrants Rising that details updates in policies around undocumented students, what educators can do to support undocumented, and resources for educators.
A guide from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center about what schools can do to support immigrant families, with links to organizations and resources.
A brief series of answers to commonly asked questions by Ed Justice regarding adopting safe zone resolutions in school boards.
A factsheet by The Education Trust-West explaining important terms and policies regarding undocumented students in California.
A guide from Immigrants Rising with ten tips on how best to support undocumented students.
A short article from United We Dream about how teachers can be activists and advocates with and for undocumented students in three sections: Knowing the Facts, Understanding the Experience, and Continuing to Learn, Grow and Advocate.
CSBA Resource Page, includes Legal Guidance, sample board resolution, sample board policies and links to other resources