Recent government announcements and court cases on DACA have created confusion around who can apply, when they can apply, and how they can apply for DACA. This FAQ provides important answers to many of these questions.
A frequently updated list of scholarships available for aspiring immigrant college students.
This site is multimedia resources and interactive content highlighting Dreamers and touching on educational opportunities for Dreamers.
There is ongoing litigation surrounding the DACA program, including an injunction issued by a federal court which forced USCIS to begin accepting renewals after the Trump Administration ended the program in fall 2017. Most recently, the Supreme Court declined to expedite an appeal from the Administration of that injunction. This…
This web page provides detailed information about filling out a DACA renewal application and collecting the appropriate documents.
A hub of up-to-date FAQs, guides, and other resources pertaining to the DACA program.
This intake form helps users determine whether or not they are eligible for the DACA program. It is run by Educators for Fair Consideration.
President-elect Donald Trump said, during his campaign, that he intends to rescind the Dept. of Homeland Security memo that authorizes the DACA program. He has not said exactly when this might occur, nor do we know what Trump administration officials might do with information DACA applicants submit on their applications.…
NALEO and iAmerica hotline to more about administrative relief: 844-411-iAmerica or 844-411-4263
Advice for DACA recipients under the Trump administration.
Pomona College released a statement in support of DACA and their undocumented students. They are soliciting signatures from college and university presidents and chancellors.
This documents provides advice to prepare DACA recipients, should the DACA program be repealed under President Trump. (While the DACA program was repealed on September 5th, 2018, the contents of this article are still relevant.)
This document outlines how ICE hold requests function, how law enforcement work with ICE, and how advocates can run campaigns to discourage law enforcement from turning people over to ICE.
The purpose of this toolkit is to provide an instrument to aid practitioners in producing compelling arguments for extraordinary relief on behalf of their clients, while also appealing to Congress to address the human dimensions of the immigration laws. This toolkit delves into two forms of relief: private bills and…