Community Preparedness

This site is multimedia resources and interactive content highlighting Dreamers and touching on educational opportunities for Dreamers.
A deportation defense guide for the faith community that encompasses best practices used by PICO and affiliates.
Resources for advocates looking to push back on harmful immigration executive orders.
This document outlines various city and county policies that seek to protect immigrant communities and prevent discrimination based on immigration status.
A how-to guide for Congressional offices on conducting a DREAMer town hall.
This manual provides an extensive guide to knowing your rights and organizing to prevent immigration enforcement from separating community members from their families.
The protential impacts of Trump's two executive orders relating to immigration for women and children.
This is a checklist for advocates responding to raids and preparing legal resources to prevent a deportation.
A variety of NYC-specific resources including city policy documents and legal clinics in the city.
A lengthy resource for elected officials and people lobbying elected officials for help on the precise ways that they can contribute to an individual's deportation defense case.
This guide explains how to run a Community Defense Zone campaign and can be adapted for both red and blue states.