Classroom Resources

Immigrants Rising released a list that contains 344 undergraduate and 302 graduate/post-graduate scholarships and fellowships for 2020 that do not require proof of citizenship or legal permanent residency. Click below to learn more.
This toolkit highlights resources and best practices available to California educators in order to create safe and welcoming schools for all students, including immigrants and refugees. It includes an overview of student rights, suggested school district policies, classroom supporting materials and more.
This webpage hosts multiple resources for educators on methods (including school policies and lesson plans) to make classrooms and campuses more welcoming for immigrant and refugee students.
The 12-minute training film, What Can We Do? Bias, Bullying, and Bystanders, spotlights experienced teachers engaging students with HRC Welcoming Schools lesson plans on bias, bullying and standing up for each other to create a more connected classroom community.
A toolkit from United We Dream's National Coming Out Day, a campaign to unite undocumented students, educators, and institutions to work together to increases resources for undocumented. The toolkit includes practices and policies for making education more accessible to undocumented students.
A toolkit from United We Dream which covers how educators and schools can make their school environments safe and welcoming for undocumented students, create sanctuary schools, and support local campaigns for sanctuary cities with multiple resources.
A digital toolkit from The Education Trust-West with sample tweets, facebook posts, and social media images in support of undocumented students in California.
More than four million Central Americans reside in the United States today, yet the lack of resources in most schools on Central American heritage make the rich history and literature of the region invisible. Teaching for Change has launched a campaign to encourage and support teaching about Central America. We…
Immigrant Stories helps recent immigrants and refugees create digital stories: brief videos with images, text, and audio about a personal experience. The IHRC shares and preserves these digital stories for future generations through the IHRC Archives, the Minnesota Digital Library, and the Digital Public Library of America. Over 250 stories…
This 2007 lesson plan teaches students about the deportation of undocumented immigrants and the impact deportation has had on one immigrant family in the United States.
Test Your Knowledge on Immigration Quiz
Educator lesson plans to accompany the PBS series, The New Americans.
Award-winning children’s book author René Colato Laínez tackles the difficult and timely subject of family separation with exquisite tenderness. Website includes links to book website, teacher's guide and author interview
A list of immigrant and refugee narratives for students of all ages.