Guide for Undocumented High School and College Students


The purpose of this guide is to collect resources and information for undocumented high school and college students, both with and without DACA, to help them make informed decisions about their futures and acquire the tools they need to advocate for themselves at the high school and college levels. While geared primarily toward the needs of undocumented students, this guide may also be helpful to students with other immigrant backgrounds and experiences. We welcome everyone who will benefit to utilize this guide!  

One thing you should know as an undocumented student is that legally, educators and staff at K-12 schools cannot inquire about your immigration status or the immigration status of your family. You have the power to disclose information about your immigration status if you feel comfortable doing so.

Options for Undocumented High School Students

Not all paths lead to college. This guide will provide some alternative options when considering what’s next after high school.

Resources for Applying to College as an Undocumented Student

We’ve compiled the most important information you’ll need to know when applying to college to as an undocumented student.

Resources for Undocumented College Students

Undocumented college students have the power to make change on their campuses. Check out this guide for advocacy resources and tips on campus safety.


Find the Spanish version of this guide here.

Find the Korean version of this guide here.

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