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We have worked with generous partners across the country to gather and make available more than 200 resources. Our Resource Library has materials that meet the needs of undocumented immigrants, mixed status families, DACA recipients, and educators. The collection of PDFs, toolkits, videos, and online tools cover the following categories:

  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • Know Your Rights
  • Steps to Take to Prepare Your Family
  • Resources for Educators & Schools 
    • Rights of Teachers & Undocumented Students
    • Classroom Resources
    • Research & Reports
    • Resources for Undocumented Students & Their Families
  • Find a Legal Provider Tools 
  • Navigating Detention & Deportation
  • Mental Health: Taking Care of Yourself & Loved Ones
  • Healthcare Information
  • Community Organizing & Action 

Additionally, the Library is sortable by resource type (PDF, online tool, printable asset, etc.) as well as grade level [within Resources for Educators & Schools]. You can also browse by choosing to view which resources are the most searched, multilingual, or recently added.

We are specifically looking to add to our resources in Mental Health as well as resources applicable to employers and healthcare providers. Have a resource you think we should add to Informed Immigrant? Please email [email protected].

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