Support Groups

Agua y Sangre Healing is a massage therapy + community wellness studio that crafts elemental healing sessions to help you reclaim your entire existence – mind, body, and spirit – and promotes empowerment and joy through the art and practice of self care and ancestral medicine. Whether you’re…
Immigrants Rising’s Wellness Support Groups help undocumented young people stay grounded and connected to community. These 6-week Wellness Support Groups led by trained mental health providers or registered clinicians, are designed to help undocumented people feel less alone and more understood.
Brown Girl Therapy is a mental health and wellness community for ALL children of immigrants to explore our bicultural identities and discuss taboo topics as they pertain to our mental health and wellness in this world and in our relationships. While the Instagram page offers tidbits, the Brown…
Mental Health and Wellness Tips for today. They have collected a bunch of resources to help support your ongoing wellness during these times.
United We Dream’s UndocuHealth Initiative will walk you through and provide toolkits to facilitate and inform your community through these processes. Things like music-ivism, artivism, and breathing practices are what will transform these anxieties and insecurities into something positive!
Watch Informed Immigrant’s conversation with Cheryl Aguilar, Founding Director and Lead Therapist at the Hope Center for Wellness, for ways to take care of yourself and your loved ones during this stressful time.
In light of this difficult time, Germán Cadenas, Ph.D., put together a list of strategies to cope with immigration-related stress. This resource includes reflective exercises such as listing your personal strengths and finding a community of support.  
The Hope Center for Wellness compiled a comprehensive list of mental health hotlines.
Sofia Mendoza, LCSW created a guide for DACA recipients to cope during this difficult time.
The National Latino/a Psychological Association compiled a list of wellness resources for undocumented Latinos during this difficult time, including how to cope with stress and how to seek mental health help.
The American Psychological Association compiled a list of wellness resources for immigrant communities.
Taking into account a hostile immigration enforcement and rhetorical environment for immigrants, the California Psychological Association provides these recommendations for practice to mental health professionals who provide services to undocumented immigrants.